Paola Pineda C.

Artist Statement

Inspired by the portrait and the constant internal battles of the complex experience of “being”. I use color to improvise about the thing that happens in the deepest of our soul, in the conflict or, also, in the joy and its many possibilities. I take the face as the starting point for being the window of our interior. Then I look for resonances and mirrors that express those hidden universes.

My creative process is a constant search to look in a different way the intimate breath of each human being. I use any type of technique (temper, oil, acrylic, prismacolor, feather, charcoal ..) so that instinctive hallucination appears and thus, identify that common character who becomes the protagonist of my blank sheet.

The result are pieces to provoke or arouse curiosity in the extreme use of the line and its tones. Sometimes poetic and careful, and in others fluid and exaggerated. I seek harmony in nonsense. I live in love with the simple and the complex at the same time I decide, with my brushes, to embrace all its contrasts.

I believe in complete freedom and I live by risking. I do not want to have the limitation of who paints only what makes sense. I work in series. This allows me to deepen all the edges related to the face. Exhausting all means of expression. I now also explore digital media. I let myself happen and I obey blindly. I want to understand all the mysteries: of color, of human expression and those who reveal aesthetics, even where there does not seem to be any.

Paola Pineda C.